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November Special: Hard Candy Sale $15


Must Be 21 Years Old +

*Rated Best Edibles by Boston Magazine


*Rated best deal on 2/500 delivery by the price of weed


* No upcharge on mixed strains: price by total weight


*All Top Rated Leafly strains


*Over 50 strains between flower, extracts, and tarantulas


*Our Brownies are half the SIZE OF VHS CASSETTES!


*ALL Flower grown in-house, ALL edibles made in-house


*Widest variety menu on Northeast, hands down


*Only We got that PURPLE purple and other exclusive and hard to find strains!


*INSANE monthly sales and exclusive deals for regular customers


*Satisfaction GUARANTEED no questions asked (No one else does that)


*Our customers are customers for life for a REASON!


Delivery Mon,Wed and Fri.

* Cannabis flower, concentrate, and oil is FREE of charge for medical patients.  Patient pays for legal consultation on proper and safe usage as well as travel and packaging fees. 

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