~Warning: STRONG AF~
              Gram   2 Grams  Eighth  
                $30       $50       $80
   (Marijuana soaked in dabs and kief)
                   ~THC OVER 45%~   
Sativa: Sour Diesel
Indica: GDP
Hybrid: Loud Lemonade

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Eighth  Quarter  Half  Ounce
$50        $80      $145   $280
2 Ounces for $500, ALL STRAINS!! 

Sativa Strains:

Best strains for daytime use: Energizing, euphoric!
Purple Haze
Upbeat and happy! THC: 25.8% CBD: 0.3%
strawberry Lemonade
Upbeat, lively! THC: 26.0% CBD: 0.1%
Citrus bliss! THC: 26.1% CBD: 0.4%
Jack Wreck
Happy, silly vibes! THC: 25.8% CBD: 0.02%

Indica Strains:

Best strains for nighttime use: Chill, Relaxing!

Butter OG
Upbeat and happy! THC: 25.7% CBD: 0.3%
Money maker
Fights crippling depression! THC: 25.6% CBD: 0.01%
Purple Punch
Netflix and chill! THC: 25.9% CBD: 0.01%
Presidential OG
Happy times! THC: 25.5% CBD: 0.02%

Hybrid Strains:

Best of both worlds: Energetic, creative, yet chill!
Grape stomper
Fruity and fun! THC: 25.7% CBD: 04%
orange cookies
Citrus bliss! THC: 25.7% CBD: 04%
Kandy Kush
Laughter, joy! THC: 25.9% CBD: 05%
Lemon Banana Sherbet
Giggles! THC: 25.3% CBD: 03%
Space Cookies
Heady strain! THC: 25.9% CBD: 02%

Tarantula Pre-Rolls      $30

1.3 Gram Cone dipped in Dab Oil and Rolled in pure kief

~THC over 80%~

THC bomb (Hybrid)
Silver Haze Tarantula (Sativa)
Dirty Girl Tarantula (Sativa)
Great White Shark Tarantula (Sativa)
Allen Wrench Tarantula (Sativa)
Black Diesel Tarantula (Sativa)
Critical Plus Tarantula (Indica)
Starkiller Tarantula (Hybrid)
Venom OG Tarantula (Indica)
Sister Glue Tarantula (Hybrid)
Rock Star Tarantula (Indica)
Panama Red Tarantula (Hybrid)
Brandywine Tarantula (Indica)
Lavender Tarantula (Hybrid)
GMO Cookies Tarantula (Indica)
White Ice Tarantula (Hybrid)
Devil's Fruit Tarantula (Indica)
Alien Reunion Tarantula (Hybrid)

Premium Pre-Roll $15

~1.4 to 1.6 grams, 25-30% THC each~
Amnesia Haze (Sativa)
Sour Diesel (Sativa)
Master Kush (Indica)
Grape Ape (Indica)
Papa OG (Indica)
Liquid Butter (Indica)
Hash Plant (Indica)
Papaya (Indica)
Orange Cookies (Hybrid)
Skittles (Hybrid)
Gorilla Glue (Hybrid)
White Widow (Hybrid)
Blue Dream (Hybrid)

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