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Double Chocolate Peppermint 3/$30
Just in time for Santa! This THC butter based cookie is a delicious treat to get you through holiday shopping and family dinners. 
Yuletide Ginger Snaps 1/$10
These delicious cookies contain THC butter in the cookie, frosting, and le leche! Calories don’t count in December. 
Stoner Chocolate Balls 8/$30.
Combined with THC butter and THC honey, these guys are a tasty bite size surprise! Coconut and peanut butter bring these treats to the next level. 
Glow introduces Almond Coconut Date Bites!
2 for $10!
These bite size treats are made with cannabis, almonds, coconut flakes, coconut oil, and dates. Each one contains 20 mg THC. A vegan friendly, no sugar added, snack size delight! 

Canna Carrot Ginger  Juice


2 Bottles for $20


Serving size: 1 Bottle


500 mg of CBDA and THCA per bottle. 


Drink half a bottle with each meal

or sip an entire bottle during the day. 


Store up to 3 days sealed in the refrigerator. 


Ingredients: Organic Raw Cannabis Leaves, organic coconut water, organic carrot, organic lemon, organic ginger. 


Glow introduces locally sourced canna juice. All vegetables and cannabis are sourced locally. This therapeutic juice has NO psychoactive effects. Can improve cell function, reduce inflammation, improve neural function, and reduce damage caused by free radicals. 

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